Water Mist System

water mist

In a Water Mist System pressurized water is applied through special nozzles or sprinklers as a water mist system so that the total surface area of the extinguishing water is multiplied many times by fine droplet formation. Also evaporation of the extinguishing water in the fire captures a great deal of additional latent heat and at the same time the steam produced impedes the supply of oxygen to the base of the fire: The reduction of the oxygen concentration in the immediate vicinity of the flame zone results in an additional smothering effect. The Water Mist System uses up to 90 % less water than wet sprinkler system for the same application with equivalent or better performance. Triggering of Water Mist System is supported by fire detection system . Water Mist achieves fire extinguishment through a number of process

Flame quenching by cooling of burning material and potential fuel sources to below auto-ignition temperatures.

Inerting as a result of vapor production,which excludes oxygen from the flame front, This generation of vapor dilutes oxygen percentage in the air and combats the fire.

Blocking radiative heat between the fire and adjoining combustibles, thus showing down propagation of the fire.


Used in Oil platforms, ship, Paint shops, Cable ducts, Large deep fat fryers, Automatic parking systems, Wind energy converters, Railway vehicles.