Video Door Phone

video phone


The Video Door Phone is a screening device which allows you to identify and communicate with visitors at your door. Once you can see and speak to the person that wants to come in to your home, you can open the door with confidence and without the fear of being attacked. You can also attach an electronic lock to the Video Door Phone and unlock the door by simply pressing a button.

The Video Door Phone consists of an indoor monitor and outdoor camera unit. The indoor monitor has a microphone and speaker for two way audio-communication and a black & white or color monitor to view your visitor. It is installed inside your home. The outdoor camera unit also has a microphone and speaker, a black & white or color camera and a bell button. It is installed outside your main door or gate, generally where the door bell is installed.

Visitors arriving at your front door or gate press a bell button on the outdoor camera unit which will sound a bell on the indoor monitor and the image from the outdoor camera appears on your indoor monitor. You can then see and talk to the visitor and decide whether you wish to let them in. The camera is fitted with an infrared light to allow you see your visitors when it is dark outside and the bell button is illuminated for easy visibility in the dark. You can add call diversion facility to this system.