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As the entire globe is working towards Green world we can make our contribution by investing in a green home that comes with the added benefit of luxury!

Smart, Safe and Simple combine all three qualities and you get a Home Automation system.

It helps you control and monitor your home to maximize your safety, comfort and convenience. The smart controls allow you to efficiently use your appliances preventing wastage.

There are multiple options to control, manage and schedule your home from either inside or outside the house like checking and adjusting lights, temperature, security, audio, and more. There is minimal human interference and a lot of saving in energy consumption.

Other Features:

  • Mood Lightings and Fan Control
  • Auto Scheduled Lighting
  • Curtain Control
  • Event Based Lighting
  • Appliance Control – such as air conditioning, projectors, TV, music system etc
  • Wireless Tablet Screen
  • Control through Remote Control

Gate Automation

Tired of stopping your vehicle and manually opening/closing your gate every time you leave or come home? Simplify the process with automatic gate opening system that lets you control your gate from the comfort of your vehicle! Just press the entry transmitter in your car (similar to a garage door opener) and the Automatic Gate Opener will open your gate. Once you exit, you can close the gate with another press of the remote, or it will close by itself 60 seconds later- so you’ll never accidentally leave it open.